A Father’s Joys and Worries

Pat and Ryan-1

Pat Stewart, as shown above with his son, Ryan, shares his thoughts about being a father to his two sons, both of whom are living with a developmental disability.

The most wonderful thing about being a dad to Aaron and Ryan is enjoying the unconditional love and innocence that they give on a daily basis. It is hard to express the emotional bonds I have with my sons. I always want to be with them. Not knowing what the future holds for them is most difficult. I am not able to control what happens to them as adults, particularly after Diane and I pass on. That is the single greatest stress I have each day.



  1. This Man is amazing! I can’t imagine this life without him. The hours and stress of his job, then coming home to us each nite is exhausting for him. But he continues on thru the good the bad and the ugly. He tells us each day he loves us more today then he did yesterday. ❤️💛


    1. Thank you Beate. This picture depicts the true bond that he and Ryan Share. Thank you for capturing this beautiful moment. ❤️💛


  2. I want to say something profound enough to describe Pat but words would not do him justice. His gentleness, kindness, strength and above all, integrity is inspirational. “Love is patient, love is kind” – Pat lives these words everyday.


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