Month: December 2015

Jenna the Entrepreneur


Meet Jenna. When I heard about Jenna and the greeting card business she and her best friend, Donna, had started I knew that I wanted to meet her. Meeting with Jenna was like basking  in the sunshine after a rainy day. She has such a zest for life. She loves music, dancing, Harry Potter, acting, Hershey bars and her dogs Honey and Red. Jenna also has an entrepreneurial spirit. In 2010 Jenna and Donna started creating greeting cards. Although Donna moved to South Carolina after the business began, they continue to collaborate in their business venture. When they receive orders, Donna stamps the cards (she is called the “Card Stamp ‘n’ Queen”) and then she sends the materials to Jenna who assembles the greeting cards. With the holidays coming up, sending a hand crafted card would be special. If you are interested to view the inventory of cards and to place an order please visit their website at